Xilin Gol League off-road mobile machinery coding registration and exhaust gas detection training conference

On May 15, 2020, Xu Yingyu, Vice president of Inner Mongolia Construction Machinery Industry Association, held the "Non-road mobile Machinery Environmental code Registration Work and Promotion and exhaust detection training Meeting" for various ecological environment branches and enterprises with large amount of equipment such as airports and railways in Ximeng.。 Xu Yingyu, vice president of Inner Mongolia Construction Machinery Industry Association, attended the meeting and pointed out that the owners were encouraged to test exhaust gas。The law enforcement department will also carry out the law enforcement of exhaust gas exceeding the standard according to the air pollution law, and I hope that everyone will actively test。 The training clearly informs everyone that all non-road mobile machinery must be recorded...

Letter about recommending non-road mobile machinery industry service organizations

Member units, non-road mobile machinery owners: In order to deeply implement the "Made in China 2025", further help the rapid development of non-road construction machinery industry in our district, improve and enrich the service system of non-road construction machinery industry。After the visit investigation and careful screening of Inner Mongolia Construction Machinery Industry Association, we recommend the following high-quality non-road mobile machinery industry service organizations to all member units:

Notice on the construction of construction machinery industry talent information base

Relevant units, construction machinery industry practitioners: At present, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is in the key period of building a well-off society in an all-round way, deepening reform and opening up and changing the mode of economic development in a critical period, due to the obvious advantages of mineral resources in our region, the number of construction machinery and equipment in the forefront of the country。How to better standardize the order of the construction machinery industry, make it become an important force to serve society, service industry, service enterprise development, and promote regional economic development, is placed in the field of construction machinery urgent task。 Since the establishment of the industry association, it has initially built a "Inner Mongolia construction machinery and equipment information database" as the basis for the record of construction machinery and equipment information...

Notice of the Office of the Administration Office of Hinggan League on the issuance of the Work Program for the Identification and Registration of non-Road Mobile Machinery and Exhaust Gas Detection of Hinggan League

In order to effectively do a good job in the investigation and editing registration of non-road mobile machinery, further promote the pollution control of diesel trucks, and fight to win the blue sky defense war, this plan is formulated according to the requirements of the relevant documents of The State Council and the autonomous region people's Government, combined with the actual situation of the League。